The Department of History and Archaeology successfully hosted the 6th in a number of series of seminars dubbed "Muted Histories" . The seminar was held in a blended mode with the speaker of the Day and a physical audience being at the UoN Towers, 4th Floor room MLT 03 while an online audience was participating via Zoom. The event was held on Thursday, May 05, 2022 at 2.30 pm.

Dr. Margaret Gachihi presented her research on the Topic: Convenient Silence: the case of Loyalists in the Mau Mau movement.” Dr. Gachihi argued that the history of loyalism is critical to the understanding of the complex nature and outcomes of the Mau Mau struggle for liberation. Yet, over the years its voice has been riddled with long-drawn pauses and at times deafening silences. The Interrogation of this silence suggests that its muted history directly mirrors the shifting landscapes, often utilitarian, of the collective memory of  Mau Mau in Kenya.