University of Nairobi Peace Students Association


To promote peaceful coexistence in society through public awareness, dialogue and reconciliation.


A peaceful, informed and integrated society


  • To promote negotiation and reconciliation among societies rocked in conflict.
  • To encourage provision of a suitable environment that promotes dialogue.
  • To encourage cultural activities that foster peace and unity in our societies.
  • To encourage cultural activities that build peace culture and unity in our societies
  • To promote truth telling in our societies between parties in a negotiation process.
  • To encourage reparation and forgiveness among the societies rocked in conflict
  • To promote social justice that build positive peace in our societies
  • To encourage parties to acknowledge their wrong doings in our societies
  • To promote dialogue between parties stuck in conflict in our societies.
  • To assist the armed conflict and peace students in applying for internship.
  • To promote peaceful coexistence among people in our societies.
  • To increase public awareness on the effect and the cost of war.

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