Archaeology Studies

Theme: Archaeological Studies and Fieldwork

BA Degree Program in Archaeology


  •       To give the specializing student a broad background in the fields of Archaeology, Palaeoanthropology, Cultural Resource Management, Conservation and Museology in preparation for graduate work, professional research and formal employment.
  •         To give the non-specializing student a general education that includes the understanding of humanity and their adaptation to the environment through time, culture history, reconstruction of past life ways and an explanation of cultural process.
  •          To prepare the student as a capable researcher and disseminator of knowledge in the profession of the disciplines of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology,.
  •          To expose the student to related disciplines that can be used to obtain the maximum information from the archaeological record.


Faculty of Arts rules and regulations shall apply.


Students may register for courses in Archaeology as a Specialty, a Major or a Minor.  Faculty regulations concerning a student’s preferred option shall apply.

MA  in Archaeology


Candidates must satisfy the requirements for the Master of Arts degree applicable to the Faculty of arts.

Course unit loading

Course unit loading for the Master of Arts degree in archaeology, University of Nairobi, is a minimum of sixteen course units.  All students are required to undertake a research project, leading to a project paper during the final semester.  The project paper is equivalent to four ordinary course units.

Master of Arts students in Archaeology are required to take all the six prescribed core course units without exemption.

While students are expected to choose a minimum of two electives per semester during the first three semesters of study to satisfy the minimum course unit requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Archaeology, the program allows, subject to approval by the Department, the option of choosing one course unit from each of the prescribed semester course unit electives, and one other from an equivalent program within the Faculty of Arts or any of the Post Graduate Diploma programs offered by the Department.

Students who feel that their specialized needs are not covered by the prescribed course unit loading may, with the department approval, register for a maximum of three course units in an equivalent program within the University of Nairobi.

PhD Programme

Currently, the Department offers a PhD programme in Archaeology by research only.