Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism


     To sensitize students to the many dimensions of tourism as both a social phenomenon and an enterprise with worldwide ramifications.


   To produce a management-level human resource capacity with deep understanding of the focused aspects of natural and socio-cultural environments which today serve as the main driving force behind global and regional tourist-flows.



Students may register for courses in Tourism as either a Major or a Minor.

Those wishing to graduate with a B.A. (Tourism) degree must include a language Department or Programme (such as Swahili, English, French, Arabic or German) among the three Departments/Programmes in which they register in Level I. The Faculty Board shall from time to time identify the specific language course codes and titles which students may take.


(ii)       As per Common Faculty of Arts Regulations, only students who choose Degree Option 2, and therefore take at least 32 approved course units in the Tourism programme, may graduate with a B.A. (Tourism) degree. Students who successfully take Tourism as a Minor in combination with units in other degree programmes of the Faculty of Arts shall be awarded the standard B.A. degree, and their transcripts will detail all units taken and grades obtained.


(iii)     Students registered for Level I Tourism courses shall in addition be required to take four units in each of any two Departments/ Programmes within the Faculty of     Arts.   For   those   taking   the   Degree   Option   2,   one   of   these Departments/Programmes must be Swahili, English, French, Arabic or German, or any other undergraduate-level language Department/Programme approved by Senate.



A candidate must satisfy the prescribed University of Nairobi and Faculty of Arts requirements. A candidate shall be allowed to register only in those course units and their combinations approved by the Faculty. Any modification of such combination(s) shall be allowed only after obtaining approval of the Dean, provided such modification is done within the first two weeks of the semester. A candidate must also satisfy requirements of the department(s) in which he/she wishes to register. Continuing students must register for course units before the end of the preceding semester.