Bachelor of Arts in Conflict and Peace Studies


Philosophy of the Programme

The management of conflict and development of collaborative relations requires an appreciation of human diversity and understanding of issues related to environmental sustainability and equitable distribution of resources and power across community boundaries. Students are encouraged to explore how different cultures, races, ethnicities, gender and class structures relate to conflict.


The programme takes an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of conflict and peace. In keeping with our core objective of having an impact on society at large, the programme will endeavour to integrate personal, professional and political aspects of life through a commitment to positive relations with others and the environment, and a thoughtful exploration of values. The programme also speaks to Kenya’s drive to attain the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Vision 2030 and Big Four Agenda.

       Students may register for courses in conflict and peaces studies as either a major or a minor. The Faculty of Arts regulations on structure and duration shall apply.


    As per Common Faculty of Arts Regulations, only students who choose Degree Option 2, and therefore take at least 24 approved course units in the Conflict and Peace Studies program, may graduate with a B.A. degree in Conflict and Peace Studies. Students who successfully take conflict and peace studies as a Minor in combination with units in other degree programs of the Faculty of Arts shall be awarded the standard B.A. degree, and their transcripts will detail all units taken and grades obtained.



A candidate must satisfy the prescribed University of Nairobi requirements, and the common regulations governing the Bachelor of Arts degree shall apply. In addition, a candidate must have any of the following minimum qualifications.

i.    K.C.S.E. with a Mean grade C+ or equivalent


ii.   K.C.S.E. with a Mean grade C plain or equivalent Plus a Diploma or equivalent from a


recognized post- secondary institution.


iii. K.C.S.E. with a Mean grade C- or equivalent Plus a Certificate and a Diplomor equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

Prepare students to contribute to the creation of equitable, just and peaceful conditions in the world through the understanding of the complex dynamics of conflict and peace at interpersonal, organisational, societal, and global levels of human interactions.