MA History
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Degree Name:MA History
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CHS 511 Research MethodsView Description
CHS 512 Advanced Historiography Of KenyaView Description
CHS 517 Critical Philosophy Of HistoryView Description
CHS 513 Urban Origins In Africa Up To 1900View Description
CHS 514 History Of African Cities And Towns Since 1900View Description
CHS 516 Demography And History In AfricaView Description
CHS 518 Speculative Philosophy Of HistoryView Description
CHS 519 The Nile CivilizationsView Description
CHS 520 African Political ProcessesView Description
CHS 521 Early Civilizations Of Sub Saharan AfricaView Description
CHS 522 History And Economic Theory In Africa And The Developing WorldView Description
CHS 523 Comaprative Historical Studies In Labour Movements In Africa, Asia And Latin AmericaView Description
CHS 524 Meso And South American CivilizationsView Description
CHS 525 North AfricaView Description
CHS 526 Themes In World PrehistoryView Description
CHS 527 Eastern Africa History IView Description
CHS 528 Eastern African History IiView Description
CHS 529 Topics In Gender StudiesView Description
CHS 530 Development Of Trade Unionism In Europe And North AmericaView Description

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