Annual Report
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Univeristy of Nairobi



Prof. Godfrey Muriuki


  1. With Abunuwasi Mwami (eds.), The Federo Question of Buganda in Uganda Within the

 Context  of the East African Political Federation – A Report of the Kituo Cha Katiba Fact- Finding  Mission, to Uganda, Fountain Publishers, Kampala, 2012.


Prof. V. G. Simiyu


Conferences Attended


  1. “The Role of the State in national Cohesion and Integration”, paper presented at the various NCIC Diversity Talks and Conversations, From July 2011 to April 1012.


  1. “What Should Kenyans Do to Become a Nation”, Paper presented at the NCIC People’s Conference held at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, March 12 – 13, 2012.


  1. “ Revision of the school Syllabuses and textbooks of Social Studies at Primary School level ( STD TWO – STD EIGHT) and History and Government , (FORM  OONE – FORM FOUR) at  the  in Secondary School level”, paper presented at the NCIC Seminars, Karen KCB Leadership Centre, 20 and 27 July, 2012.


Dr. E.W. Wahome

Conferences attended

  • Roundtable conference on human rights and global poverty –at CHRP Centre- 13-14th February 2012
  • Training and Proposal Writing workshop,- at Chiromo Conference Centre – 20th-24th February 2012
  • Tourism Standardization Workshop 14th Dec. 2012. BomaHotelHotel, Nairobi

Submitted for publication in 2012

  • Wahome, E.W. and Gathungu, J. Brand Personality and the evolution of destination Kenya image during the colonial period – Journal of Philosophy
  • Wahome E.W. Mugwima, B.N. and Nyachwaya W.N. Reflections on Conservation of Urban Heritage Attractions; The case of Nairobi 1898 to 1948. Journal fof Architectural conservation.
  • Wahome, E. W. Human Rights and Heritage Conservation. Submitted to CHRP

In Preparation

  • Gathungu, J.  and Wahome E.W. ‘Coping with the Aftermath of the Big Game Hunting: A case of Massive Wildlife Slaughter in Kenya 1977-2012’
  • Mugwima B.N. and Wahome E.W. ‘Professional Altitudes towards Built Environment as a form of Heritage’

Dr. George Gona

Papers Presented

Gona, G. “Elusive Peace in Kenya” paper presented at the public forum organised by Twaweza and Ahadi Kenya, Pride Inn Hotel, August 2012

Gona, G. “National Dialogues: Emerging Issues at the Coast”, paper presented at the People’s Conference, KICC 12th and 13th March 2012.


June 2012, Developed Policy Paper on Historical Injustices to inform the decision on distribution of Equalisation Fund (Commission on Revenue Allocation, CRA) (with Dr. Mary Mwiandi)

March 2012, Resource Person for Peoples Conference, “National Dialogues: Emerging Issues from the Coast”, (UNDP and NCIC).

February 2012, Member of the Drafting Committee on National Race and Ethnic Policy for the Kenya National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC).

February 2012, Kenya’s Post-colonial History: a Survey, Paper prepared for the Go Germany, Go Kenya Workshop for the Germany Federal Government (for seminar at Sevarin Sea Lodge, 26th and 27th February 2012).


Dr. Mary Mwiandi

March 12-13 2012      

Presented paper on Emerging Issues in Eastern region ofKenya at a Conference organised by NCIC at KICC,Nairobi -The People’s Conference: National DiversityRace and Ethnicity          

January 20-21st  2012    Writing Workshop on “Ethnic and Race Relations Policy” organisedby NCIC, at Salewa Lodge, Lake Naivasha, Kenya.


Mwanzia Kyule


Kenya Institute of Education (KIE), Nairobi, Kenya, as Curriculum and content development consultant


Archaeological surveys of Middle and Late Stone Age sites in the Nakuru – Elementeita – Naivasha Basin;  excavations and analysis of material from sites Marmanet Drift, Nkomut Ngai, Ol Tepesi, Prospect Farm, Deighton's Cliff , Prolonged Drift , among others.

Edited (with George Gona)

MIZIZI: Essays in honor of Professor Godfrey Muriuki,
Nairobi University Press.


Archaeology of Pli-Pleistocene Hominids in Eastern Africa, in M.D.
Kyule and G. Gona (Eds), MIZIZI: Essays in honor of Professor Godfrey Muriuki,
Nairobi University Press.
With J.C.  Onyango Abuje, History of Prehistory in the Lake Victoria Basin,
in M.D. Kyule and G. Gona (Eds), MIZIZI: Essays in honor of Professor Godfrey Muriuki, Nairobi University Press.

Mrs. Pamela Ngesa

2012 Since April     : A member of the organizing committee of the Teaching   

                                     Practice Educational and Leadership Consortium (TPeLC)                     

                                  preparing the international conference to be held in 2013.


2012, July              :  A Member of the Secretariat of TPeLC which drafted a proposal      

                                  to seek funds for the international conference slated for 2013.


2012, March 30th   :  Teaching Practice Induction Seminar, CEES, University of



2012, Jan 24th    :   Attended a Workshop on Testing in Higher Education,

                                Main Campus, University of Nairobi.


Dr. Herbert Misigo Amatsimbi


  1. “Media Development and Uses in the Colonial Era” in Kenya: In Nyabuga G. and Wambui Kiai (eds) Media in Kenya; Evolution, Effect and Challenges, Nairobi Ford Foundation 2012.
  1. “Media Veterans in Kenya: Archival Records” in Nyabuga G. and Wambui Kiai (eds) Media Veterns in Kenya, (Forthcoming).


Consultancies (None)

Conferences Attended

  1. Attended several Writers Conferences in Naivasha for Writing of Teaching Modules
  2. Attended Human Resource Manual Development Workshop organized by Kenya National Library Service in November 2012 at Pan African Hotel.


Ms. Mary Wanyoike

Seminars/Workshops Attended

07th -11th Jan. 2013: Participated in a “Qualitative Research Methods” Workshop

organized by University  of Nairobi on Partnership with International Rescue Committee, held at Kikuyu Campus University of Nairobi.


Feb. 2012:   Recognition of Completion Certificate for Participating in a Strategic Planning Workshop for Education in Emergencies organized by University of Nairobi and International Rescue Committee, held at Kenya Institute of Education.

24th Jan. 2012: Participated in a workshop on “Testing in Higher Education”, organized by the School of Continuing and Distance Education, held at the Main Campus, University of Nairobi.

Ms. Esther Omondi


Workshops Attended

  1. 2012. Attended a seven- day training workshop on Inside-Outside Learning Strategies   from 16th –30th August. Presented a paper on “The Role of The Teacher In Developing Critical Thinking in Early Learners”, held at the Inside-Outside Education Institute, Salt Lake City, USA,
  2. 2012. Participated in Syllabus Revision workshop at KWS Institute, Naivasha

Organized by the Department of Educational Studies, University of Nairobi.


Mr. George Otieno Odeny


  1. Publications – None
  2. Consultancies – None
  3. Conference presentations – “Political Struggles in Kenya: Political Parties’ Coalitions or Ethno-Regional Alliances, 2002 – 2011.” A paper presented at Marist International University College, A Constituent College of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, on 21st June 2012.
  4. Conferences Attended -  None


Gilbert K. Wafula


Workshops attended:

  • Workshop on Module Writing at Naivasha – Wildlife Training School – November 2012



  • Presentation of Report on Archaeological Survey to the Ethiopia-Kenya power Systems Inter-Connection Project (Report prepared for Gamma Systems Limited) – January 2012
  • Consultancy services being offered for the Heritage Conservation and Human Rights Group (HCHR Group) – Ongoing

Ms. Margaret Gachihi


  • Gachihi, M. “Mau Mau and the Crisis of Christian Faith” in Kikuyuland in Mizizi, a Publication Essays in Honour of Prof. G. Muriuki, 2012



a) Ford Foundation: Biography Writing, “Women in Public Spaces”

b) Technical Committee for the Proposed Kenya Archives School of Archival and Information


c) Editorial Technical Committee for 22nd ESARBICA Biennial General Conference. (East and

    Southern Africa Regional Branch of the (International Council of Archives)

Workshops Attended

  • Biography Skills Training Workshop (21st – 22nd June 2012)